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 Mix tweaks included at no extra charge:

What to expect when I mix your song:

  • Good communication
  • Prompt turn around time
  • Respect for you & your music
  • Creativity & Clarity
  • A fresh perspective
  • An awesome sounding mix :)
Tim Scott Productions, Mixing Engineer on SoundBetter
  • Vocal tuning (if needed)
  • Drum samples added to beef up your drum sound
  • Time alignment
  • Loops/ percussion added (when needed)
  • Up to 3 mix revisions
Ever wonder why songs on the radio sound so perfect? It's because every Major Label uses a MIX ENGINEER as the key to unlocking a songs full potential. No matter how good the song is or how well it was recorded - EVERY song can benefit from and deserves a proper mix. A lot of artists will budget for rehearsal time, musicians, studio,recording and packaging but forget about THE MIX... I will give your song the attention it deserves! Please check out the LISTEN  page to hear my work. Feel free to compare it with the competition... You won't be disappointed!